Santa Monica, Fine Art Trekkin’



Marjan Vayghan in Art Exhibition “HAVE YOU SEEN MY PRIVACY?” Curated by Richard Newton Opened at 18th STREET ARTS CENTER in Santa Monica, California February 19, 2011.

By PhotoJournalist Ginger Van Hook

Artist Marjan Vayghan celebrates the opening of her latest exhibition in Santa Monica

by giving spiritual readings inside of the crates that used to belong to Bill Viola.

Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2011

A multi-media artist who is a fellow graduate of Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles as well as a Scholar at UCLA (The University of California Los Angeles), Ms. Marjan Vayghan took the time to give me a interview for FINE ART TREKKIN’ SANTA MONICA from inside of the crates that used to belong to Bill Viola! Born in Iran and raised in Los Angeles, Marjan Vayghan exists as an artist with dual citizenship, dual friendships and dual commitments to artists, democracy, political freedoms, feminists issues and human rights, not to mention community gardens and Building Bridges between countries. Marjan’s website is a potpourri of artistically blended projects that seek to build bridges between the cultures of the East and the West. Her show was curated by Richard Newton who also displayed some of his work and is part of a larger scheme of projects called the “LEGACY EXHIBITIONS” funded by the J.Paul Getty Museum and hosted by the 18th STREET ARTS CENTER located at 1639 18th Street in Santa Monica, California. 90404.

I’ve not met anyone with as much determination to bring happiness to dueling cultural practices and experiences as Marjan Vayghan. Marjan has a determination to succeed despite any misunderstandings the two worlds may have had in the past or any entanglements they may have presently. I enjoy the work Marjan does, not only because it is insightful, but because her spirit is joyful, her attitude is uplifting and her determination is unyeilding. Do check out the exhibition which runs through March and then she also has a solo show that will run through June…which will be announced here through Fine Art Trekkin’!