Museum of Martyrs

Installation located at Museum of Martyrs




Civilians who lost their lives in the Iran-Iraq War are acknowledged at the Museum of Martyrs, located in the middle of one of the largest burial grounds in Tehran, an ideal location for my next installation: a super 8 film, a mural 204” by 48” in size, smaller disposable images on paper towels, and objects memorializing lost lives in war both civilians and soldiers.  I was born around the time of the revolution and the war, as are two thirds of Iran’s population.  I remember little of what occurred at the time. In this “untitled” installation my goal was to address current events while still being informed by the historical record: events that took place years ago in Iran that have framed some of our contemporary outlooks on Terrorism, both in Iran and in the United States. In the evolution of the work overseas, it was important for me to contradict the notion of museums as mausoleums for culture. In order to give my Iranian audience a chance to interact with the piece, I sent out invitations to families who had lost loved ones in the war, inviting them to bring pictures and items that reminded them of their loved ones.  Countless images, names, and objects were brought to the museum.  I was surprised, however, to discover that most of the children who were killed in the war left very little behind when it came to objects. Very few had pictures taken of them before they passed. Some left this world with nothing but a name in a nameless war.


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The Museum is funded by the friends and family members of those civilians whose lives were lost in the war.


Their support made this show possible, both financially and with personal contributions from their loved ones.


Installation located at Museum of Martyrs, Tehran.



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