Displaced Branches


“Displaced Branches,” are comprised of a series of traveling tree clippings. In this piece I wasn’t only interested in redefining these mundane objects, which can be viewed as obstacles in everyday life. Rather, I strived to bring attention to them, as living, breathing and photosensitizing beings.

This project began one day as I saw a tree bing cut down. I was moved to save as much of the roots and branches of the tree as I possible, in the trunk and back seats of my car. I returned to the safety of my school at the time “Otis.” Where I saw the Otisian Trees being taken care of with proper trimmings and love. I went to my car and began placing the roots and the branches of the discarded tree that had been cut down on top of the trees at Otis. It was an attempt in allocating privilege to the tree that had been uprooted in an unknown dead end, behind LAX. By exhibiting it’s remnants and remains on privileged trees, that were well taken care of.

In my practice, I hope to collaborate with the displaced branches of our communities. Creating a space where they are no longer seen as obstacles, but are given back their right to exist in their laminal space of “in- betweenness.” Being displaced offers moments of clarity, reflection, and interruption, without intolerable connotations and as a space where one is able to see and appreciate the every day.


Perhaps on the day that inspired this series, I was able to connect to “Displaced Branches,” of a tree as a Displaced Branch, myself. Most of my art is inspired by a deep sense of empathy and sympathy for the elements I collaborate with. In working with these branches I learned about the traumatic displacement of my own roots and was able to heal, while collaborating with different welcoming trees. I contemplated about not sharing this project with you. As it is not one of my most contemporary or visually spectacular pieces, yet conceptually “Displaced Branches,” was extremely therapeutic for me and my creative practice. Since I’m not capable of string the quiet moments I shared with the countless trees that helped me, I settled for sharing a few pix from my interaction with two of the privileged trees I had the honor of interacting with.

review.025 IMG_3927

IMG_4322IMG_4285 IMG_4323

“Displaced Branches,” went on to inspire a “Drift Wood” collaboration, years later:

Drift Wood

IMG_4326 IMG_4343 IMG_4358IMG_3849 IMG_3846  IMG_3859 IMG_3862 IMG_3872  IMG_3891 IMG_3892 IMG_3889IMG_3895 IMG_3896 IMG_3929 IMG_3937

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