LA Art Girls Art Fair Biennale LA 2008

LAAGAFBLA08 takes place July 10 – August 23, 2008. Opening reception July 10th, 6pm -10pm


Gallery hours are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 12pm-6pm, for the duration of the show.

The show will also be open for the Artwalk on August 14 from 6pm-10pm.

Phantom Galleries LA

Two locations at 6th Street at Main St. and 6th Street and Los Angeles Street in Downtown Los Angeles

LAAGAFBLA08 is the LA Art Girl’s world premier international art show for contemporary works, and will be Los Angeles’ cultural and social highlight for the summer. The exhibition recognizes the individual within this unique artist collective. Work by 26 artists, from our cutting edge generation of emerging stars, will be contained in two spectacular downtown spaces. The exhibition includes the highest- quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, and video.

This prestigious exhibition combines a selection of top art works with an exciting program of special performances, parties and crossover events. Exhibition sites are located on 6th Street on the corners of Main and Los Angeles, in the city’s beautiful Historic Downtown Old Bank District. The exhibition is within easy walking distance of The Standard Hotel, and driving distance of the beach. The show will be a vital source for art lovers, allowing them to discover new developments in contemporary art. A tour de force, LAAGAFBLA08 is the favorite summer meeting place for the international art world.

Participating artists include:

Stephanie Allespach

Tricia Avant

Allison Danielle Behrstock

Carolyn Castaño

Krista Chael

Sydney Croskery

Karen Dunbar

Amber Fox

Phyllis Green

Micol Hebron

Parichard Holm

Leila Hamidi & Shana Torok

Ellina Kervorkian

Leigh McCarthy

Claudia Parducci

Nancy Popp

Sarah Riley

Ambika Samarthya

Kim Schoenstadt

Felis Stella

Ten Terrell

Kelly Thompson

Elizabeth Tremante

Marjan Vayghan


Phantom Galleries L.A. Presents Its Latest Temporary Exhibit and Gains a Permanent Space

by Julie Riggott


Phantom Galleries L.A. presents the L.A. Art Girls Art Fair Biennale through Aug. 23 at the Pacific Electric Lofts. Claudia Parducci’s giant gas mask with the word “peace” painted on it is actually a miniature theater wherein visitors can watch a short video called “Breathless.” Elizabeth Tremante’s painting is in the background. Photo courtesy of Phantom Galleries L.A.

Phantom Galleries L.A. is no longer a wandering spirit. The gallery known for exhibiting art in vacant, raw, street-front spaces for as long as the property owner will have them – and then disappearing – now has a home at the Title Guarantee Building on Hill Street.

Renee Petropoulos’ site-specific installation at the Fifth and Hill streets location, “Pershing Square/Title,” features printed and spoken words (broadcast onsite and accessible at 106.9 FM) exploring the architectural and social structures of Los Angeles. In August and September, the L.A. Center for Digital Art and Edgar Varela Fine Art will take turns curating exhibits for the space.

PGLA’s first show in 2006 featured artwork by Kathryn Hargreaves and Tim Quinn of Dangerous Curve at Cedd Moses’ property at 515 W. Seventh St., and Gronk was one of the first artists to exhibit in the Santa Fe Lofts. Liza Simone, executive producer for PGLA, is thrilled about the way Gallery Row has blossomed. “There were so many naysayers,” she said, “but we made it happen.”

But even with its permanent exhibition space, PGLA will continue to haunt vacant, street-level spaces in residential and commercial buildings with temporary art shows, as that is the whole idea behind the organization, modeled on a gallery of the same name in San Jose.

“Phantom Galleries L.A. is essentially an economic development program for districts, properties, artists and arts organizations,” Simone said. Artists and curators get a venue, the property owners get press and foot traffic to the spaces they are trying to lease, and the community gets an extra dose of culture.

“Phantom Galleries produces other people’s visions,” Simone said of the group that also works in Pasadena and Long Beach. “It is a reflection of the art scene as a whole.”

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In 2008, when we curated The “LA Art Girls Art Fair Biennale LA 2008.” DownTown Los Angeles was beginning a ten year long gentrification project for DTLA. My piece in the Exhibition was comprised of sod, folded neatly and displayed in a cage. I invited people into the space constantly. During the deinstallation process. I dressed as a security guard and I removed all of the yellowed and Brown sod out on to, than off of the street and into garbage bins. Leaving behind a trail of fallen chances of the sod beings.

This was my Installation and Performance titled: “10 year Gentrification DTLA Project”

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