LACMA with The All City Waitress Marching Band

Waitress Marching Band

Wednesday, April 25th 2007

“Last weekend was filled with great shows and exciting discoveries. While I put all of that in order, enjoy what for once isn’t usually shown around here, yes, the people. The exception comes with the event I was invited to shoot, the ArtScene : 25 – The Los Angeles Art Awards & Celebration. The event took place last week in the windy hallway of the LACMA, and gathered the gray hair among the city. I may suggest that you listen to NIN’s new album Year Zero while scrolling down since it’s what I have been listening to non stop while cropping and working on that white balance. Well and because cynicism always make things brighter, all of the people will magically appear as performers.”

ArtScene Awards @LACMA (April 18, 2007)

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Created by Jerri Allyn, Leslie Belt, and Chutney Gunderson. Performed
by 35 waitresses: Anne Gauldin, Anne Mavor, Anita Green, Cheryl Swannack, Jeanne Shanin, Maisha Green, Barbara Stopha, Arlene Raven, Anne Phillips, Rita Rodriquez, Diana Diplata, Annette Hunt, Maurine Renville, Elizabeth Irons, Laurel Klick, Vanalyne Green, Terry Bleecher, Linda Pruess, Cheri Gaulke, Sue Talbot, Nancy Angelo, Elizabeth Bouser, Lorine DiRicco, Leibe Grey, Julie James, Maria Karras, Sue Maberry, Rina Viezel, Lynne Warshafsky, and Christine Wong; The DooDah Parade, Pasadena, CA, December 1979.A woman in a red sequined bathing suit twirls a baton, leaps in the air spread eagled, and catches the baton as she lands back on her feet, as a bandleader loudly blows a whistle. The two lead 33 other women along Colorado Boulevard, marching and singing to the accompaniment of a pot, pan, and kitchen utensil band.To the tune of “McNamara’s Band:”
Oh… We are the Marching Waitresses,
The finest in the land.
To our $1.65, we add whatever we can.
We bring your juice, your toast, your eggs,
Yours burgers, and your ham.
And all we ask is simple thanks
And a dollar in our hand!In the DooDah Parade, The Waitresses rallied the Los Angeles women’s art community to join them in publicly displaying unity and voicing empathy for working women.  The DooDah is a Pasadena community-based parade still held a week prior to the Rose Bowl. The DooDah cost $20 to enter in ’79; the Rose Bowl cost $60,000.  The Waitresses entered the parade out of a strong sense of unity in numbers, and for sheer fun. “The All City Waitress Marching Band” received national coverage via television and print media, again accomplishing the goal of expanding the art world audience to include a broader public.

Art Scene Awards



Sunday, April 29, 2007

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By admin | April 18, 2007 – 11:34 pm – Posted in Uncategorized

The big shindig at LACMA was visited by swirling wind gusts upon the patio, distracting the proceedings, but host Richard Montoya kept it together and chaotically well-paced, accompanied at times by Llyn Foulkes on his legendary one-man band.

The three awards:
Lifetime Achievement went to Josine Ianco Starrels
Veteran Artist Award went to June Wayne
Young Artist Award went to Andrea Zittel

The sea bass entree was excellent. The panel discussion moderated by Ruth Weisberg and featuring the 4 voices of the ArtScene Visual Radio hosts (Marlena Donohue, Peter Clothier, Mat Geason and Hunter Drohojowska-Philp) was well-received. Congratulations are in order to ArtScene Publisher Bill Lasarow for 25 years of publishing the go-to-guide for the Los Angeles Gallery Scene.

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