Glitter has been hurting marine life for years ✨🌟🎨🌟✨Now that laws are helping us transition to glitter safe for consumption. I wanted to celebrate there’s a big victory on behalf of our planet and all of her beautiful creatures in and out of the city.
My original idea was to carve a fish out of the solid chunk of wood. In the process my love for cats to took over. I thought connecting the poisonous aspects of outlawed glitter causing harm towards our domestic pets at home might hit a little closer.
This little cat box is a replica of a large coffee table I created few years ago. I have filled her head and belly with my most treasured objects. As well as some now illegal plastic beads. This work is a celebration of humanity, and how far we’ve come in changing our habits to be better and more respectful towards our animal kingdom family and Mother Earth. ✨🌟🌕🎨💗🕊🌍🕊💐🙌🌕🌟✨
I’ll be live drawing marine life with eatable glitter at our Openning reception as well. I can’t wait to see everyone’s gorgeous goddess faces in a couple of days!!! ✨🌟🌕🙌🌍🕊💗🎨🙏💐🙌🌕🌟✨💋✨🌟💗🌟✨🕊🌍🕊🌟

“Glitter,” has been curated by two of my LA Art Girl goddesses ✨🌟🌕🎨💗🎨🌕🌟✨ Our opening is more of a family reunion for our LA Art Girls community✨🌟🌕🎨💗🎨🌕🌟✨

GLITTER Group Show
Opening reception: Saturday, January 13, 2018 * 6p-9p
Scheduled to run: January 13 – February 3, 2018

Artists Kelly Thompson and Stephanie Allespach are co-curating and welcoming in a shiny, happy New Year with a glitter themed show.

Participating artists: Stephanie Allespach, Douglas Alvarez, Terri Berman, Denise Bledsoe, Andrea Bogdan, Kelly Brumfield-Woods, Nancy Buchanan, MaryKay Campbell, Carolyn Castaño, Krista Chael, Nancy Cintron, Sydney Croskery, Baha H. Danesh, Earl Dittebrandt, Jill Emery (Sallygotsthe Emery), Eden Folwell, Evād Art, Ann Hars, Lori Herbst, Amber Leilani, Ted Meyer, Cathi Milligan, Martina Moreno (Love is Possible), Laura Castellanos (Opal Unicorn), Angela Maria Ortiz S., Claudia Parducci, Jen Raven, Kelly Thompson, Holly Topping, Elizabeth Tremante, Marjan Vayghan, Kelly Vetter, Joe Vollan and Sue Zola.

“Thanks LA artists Kelly Thompson and Stephanie Allespach for co-curating the current Glitter Group Show.”
“Please join us tomorrow 1/13/18 from 6p-9p for the opening reception and our first show of 2018. There will be some live drawing by Marjan Vayghan, some music from David Strother and lots of happy, shiny people… hope you are one of them!” – Sandra Mastroianni- Cactus Gallery