I’m keeping my Creative Practice close to my treasure chest of community this year. I’m traveling, participating in and exhibiting internationally at the Manifesto Art Festival in Europe, as well as a series of performances and exhibitions centered around my drawings and paintings of fascist architectures, happenings, and individuals. Due to the political nature of my current creative practice, I feel safer sharing the works with you in person instead of letting my creations go wild on the world wide web. I’ve received negative comments and threats from numerous trolls, since the Muslim Ban stuff. I’m not going to stop being me or stop manifesting love, light, and creative magic, but I am going to protect myself while we have a Nazi in the White House. I love you, I miss you, and I’m sorry I haven’t been brave enough to continue updating my homemade website from Europe. Hopefully I’ll be back in the America I’ve known, loved, and called home since the third grade soon.