Midnight Mission Activist Performance Art

The Arts have a responsibility to shift with their times. Our creative practices should pour into the community and manifest as much love, light and unity as possible.

On Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017, Cuts to the “Meals on Wheels” program were announced.

On Friday, March 17th, 2017, from 11:00am till 6:00pm. We attended and had the honor of volunteering as servers, at a Nowrouz lunch/ early dinner, at the DTLA Midnight Mission. It was the most healing experience I’ve had, since the Woman’s March.

“Iranian American volunteer Marjan Vayghan, 32, (C) dances with people on Skid Row after serving food to homeless people to celebrate Newroz in Los Angeles, California. Reuters” 

At the end of the meal.  I began saving the table flowers from the meals and gifted them to anyone who would accept them. Women from the homeless community were so wonderful in stepping in and saving the flowers. After everything, I went to the Stage and joined in on a post event dance session. (It was epic!) I recalled taking my hairnet and apron off while dancing. I didn’t think anyone from the press, volunteers, or the folks clearing the event were there. It was most the community at the Midnight Mission dancing. It was the most transformative and healing part of the day. Between dancing, I began conspiring with the manifestoes of magic in the kitchen. I was going back to the fancy volunteers’ Cafeteria and would smuggle food back out. To the Street, where people were coming down with baby strollers and wheelchairs, saying they heard there was food. </3 I didn’t realize we had so many children among our cities homeless population. It was the most beautiful yet eye-opening day. We live so separated from the pains of the homeless families and children in our streets. Does anyone else wanna join me or guid me on how we can create neighborhood “Meals on Wheels?” We can say hello to and cook for our neighbors, reliant on the program. Also we can work with companies to deliver more foods and goods to the shelters of our cities.The DTLA Midnight Mission, also has a chapter for Women and children in Inglewood. I’ve looked into teaching sewing classes there. If you would like to donate to them contact them. If you would like to offer your gifts and creative practice in classes and healing sessions, contact me and I”\ll give you the right contact infos. If you know of a good way of volunteering other than for shelters, action for aging and other organizations, please let me know. I really would be honored, privileged and healed by the opportunity to do anything.It’s April 4th, so many days have passes since last March. Tim flies, people are hurting by the passing of time. Everything from that day just came rushing back to me, when my friend sent me these images and links from Reuters



Iranian American volunteer Marjan Vayghan, 32, (C) dances with people on Skid Row after serving food to homeless people to celebrate Newroz in Los Angeles, California. Reuters

It’s time to engage in love and light on a higher and more intense level! Art as anarchy: dancing with saves flowers, and smuggling out more food to the community.

Love and Light Anarchy to me is “Letting” kids cut into a “space,” by lifting up the yellow caution tape. Smiling at the security guy, to please don’t yell at them. Because I’m clearly the one breaking the “roles.” The apologetic smile. The “I wish I could help myself” (But honestly I don’t think there is a way of  watch children. Who are clearly too fearful of and unsure, “if they have permission to enter a space, taped off” for them.) I want and demand a new realm of public practice and engagement with our community though our creative practices. I worry that too many people are begin to suffer more. When they were already sure that it was impossible to suffer bellow the levels of hardship. That they are comfortable and familiar with. We can’t keep a complete blind eye to the forgot community that was harmed by the DTLA gentrification. We love celebrating our DTLA Art Walks and exhibitions, yet all of that gentrification has hurt an community: invisible to us. Who are living very hard lives, beyond our comprehension.

In 2008, when we curated The “LA Art Girls Art Fair Biennale LA 2008.” DownTown Los Angeles was beginning a ten year long gentrification project for DTLA. My piece in the Exhibition was comprised of sod, folded neatly and displayed in a cage. I invited people into the space constantly. During the deinstallation process. I dressed as a security guard and I removed all of the yellowed and Brown sod out on to, than off of the street and into garbage bins. Leaving behind a trail of fallen chances of the sod beings.

Back then in the awfulness of the economy crashing in 2008, my “Gentrification, sod” Project was conceptual and performative. Today, the nightmare end of a reality far from “us.” There are “others,” that have gotten the bad side of gentrification. They have been removed from the places they were homeless at, to make way for a gentrified DTLA and Art Walks. Surely there is more we can do to help those who are living the nightmare being pushed to the edges of society in the name of gentrification. DTLA’s gentrification should be celebrated by all parts of us. From all of the business and Realestate profits, we can help end homelessness. Let’s not forget the role we played in showing up the neighborhoods of DTLA that society was scared of. We set up shop in empty Realestate and attracted buyers and renters. We were the shinny tool of changing DTLA’s face. Now we should beer our DTLA Art Walks towards helping find housing for the homeless population. Recently we attended the Mayor’s “Women Move LA Event.” They are already working on ending homelessness in LA. If you know of ways that artists can help, Please let me know if we can do anything to help?  Let’s make the LA dream of creative and loving community true to fruition for everyone!

LA Art Girls Art Fair Biennale LA 2008