MOCA BAILA Roundtable

Wednesday Morning 10am- 2:00pm, February 22nd, 2017 at MOCA. “A BAILA-MoCA Roundtable discussion at MoCA Grand in Downtown, Los Angeles.” Organized by Lili Bernard


DATE: Wednesday, February 22, 2017
TIME: 10am-1pm
LOCATION: MoCA Grand Avenue, Ahmanson Auditorium, 250 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012

PARKING: There is no free parking.
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Helen Molesworth, Chief Curator, MoCA
Bennett Simpson, Senior Curator, MoCA
Lanka Tattersall, Assistant Curator, MoCA
(Other MoCA Assistant Curators may be present)

1) Welcome Address by Lili Bernard

2) Self-Introduction of Everyone Present in the Room. State only a) Name b) Profession c) Education (highest degree and where you received it, or self-taught). Example: “Lili Bernard, Visual Artist, MFA Otis.” Should only take 5 seconds per person. BAILA Intro-Artifact will be passed around for assistance.

3) Slideshow Screening of Artwork by BAILA & BAILA Allies Present (1 image per artist). 6 minutes total.

4) Slideshow Presentation by Helen Molesworth of Work by Black Artists Exhibited and Collected at MoCA.

5) Reading & Uninterrupted Answering of 5 Curated Questions:

i) What is the procedure for soliciting and conducting studio visits? Are there artist do’s & don’ts?

ii) Approximately what percentage of living artists exhibited at MoCA have MFAs & gallery representation?

iii) What is the acquisitions process? Is there protocol for selling or donating artwork to the collection?

iv) Are you met with more resistance by MoCA’s CEO, Board of Directors and Museum Sponsors when planning exhibitions in which women and artists of color predominate? Do the press, museum patrons and the public respond differently to such shows than they do to the norm?

v) Can you explain the history and relationship between MoCA and the Underground Museum?

6) Open Q&A.

7) Closing & Dismissal.