Out of Action

Laura pres.006
Out of Action Exhibition, Los Angeles, fall 2004

This installation was first put on view in Los Angeles, at the Bolsky Gallery. Titled the “Out of Action”,  the show was curated by Mia Babalis.

“… The super 8 film that accompanies the painting also keeps in theme with the disposable and perishable nature of the

paper towels and the repetition in the painting…” -Mia Babalis.


shapeimage_4-1 droppedImage-3

            Curated as a part of a larger Painting/ Video Group Show. This installation included a Large painting on flesh textured wallpaper, hand printed paintings from a linoleum block featuring a father of a suicide bomber. Whose face was also printed on paper towels lining the gallery flour beneath the painting. A super 8 projection of the West wood V.A. accompanied the piece.



Super 8 film accompanying installation.Laura pres.006

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