Fellow Travelers

lamartJune 2012: Fellow Travelers



Fellow Travelers looks at historically significant citizen activism, from Vietnam War opposition to more recent movements in the US, Central America and Iran, with a focus on the outsider perspective. The afternoon-to-evening event will include a screening of Swedish documentaryThe Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975, a conversation with Mary Corey, participant in and historian of ‘60s counter-culture, and an exhibition of contemporary artists Cathy Akers, Molly Corey, Nicholas Kersulis, Ed Gomez, Sergio Torres-Torres, and Marjan Vayghan, whose work on historical activism implicates the contemporary observer of history in the making.

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Participating Artists:
Cathy Akers:
Molly Corey
Nicholas Kersulis
Ed Gomez
Sergio Torres-Torres
Marjan Vayghan

4:30 Screening: The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975
6:00 A Revolutionary Moment? Post-screening discussion with
historian Mary Corey on 60’s counterculture
7-9pm Art Reception

Saturday, June 2 from 4:30-9pm

Curated by Luis G. Hernandez, Claudia Parducci and
Louisa Van Leer for ARTRA Curatorial

Gallery Info:
12th Floor Gallery at the LA Mart Building, 1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Exhibition on view from June 2nd – 23. Hours by appointment, please contact lfajardo1@hotmail.com