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Manifestations of Contemporary Art in Iran
Source: Paradise International Environmental Art Center

Works by American and Iranian artists at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Works of a number of Iranian artists are juxtaposed with works by twenty four international artists to showcase manifestation of contemporary art in the form of painting, sculpture, photography, video art, performance, and installation and to make spectators experience this diversity of sensitivities and multiplicity of expressions.


The Reflecting  Pool – Bill Viola


Apocalypse –  Behroz Daresh 


Ahmad  Nadalian – Freed Fish


Stories of Work and Survival – Suzanne Lacy

Neither are ethnic differences involved nor similarities stressed. Neither is the domain of art a battleground nor a field for competition. The artists employ a special language to express themselves, Their environment, and the cosmos. What matters to Them most is to express and to communicate. Art, from this perspective, is a bridge between the artist and spectators. Abridge connects two sides without any preference for either. It is the connector of divisions that ignores deep gorges, tumultuous waters, and cars and express trains. Art has the same function. Similar to a bridge, art is made of different materials and in various forms. Hence, the best approach is to put evaluation aside and enjoy, learn from, contemplate about, and explore art and become sensitive to art works.

Works of four international artists, i.e. Bill Viola, Susan Lacy, Masami Teraoka, and Jerri Allyn, as well as works of twenty photographers from Minnesota, have been brought to Iran by Marjan Khoshbakhti (Vayghan) and Gary Hallman, respectively. We appreciate all efforts made by these curators and participating artists.


Marching Waitresses –  Jerri Allyn


Four projects by Ahmad Nadalian presented in this exhibition are: Red People, Freed Fish,  Cylinder seals and River Art.

Red People

In his recent trip in USA (Spring 2007) Nadalian carves images of American native on fragmented red stones and realizes an environmental installation named Red People. They refer to the peoples of a nation whose history has been ignored.  American artists assisted Nadalian to hide these works at some locations in USA  (Kansas City- Missouri and New Mexico).


Native USA – Nadalian

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